Activities and resources

Call for fatigue research

9 October 2023

Notice of open call for preliminary research proposals relating to fatigue in agriculture.

Fatigue is an important factor for safety on farm. RSHA is issuing an open call for preliminary research proposals that have the potential to significantly advance the understanding of fatigue in agricultural industries and/or its management on farm. AgriFutures Australia is managing the open call on behalf of RSHA. Submissions close on 12 noon, Friday 27 October 2023.

Ag deaths and injuries

30 June 2023

cover of 2021 AgHealth report

AgriFutures Australia invests in projects that affect multiple rural industries. This includes 6-monthly research updates from AgHealth Australia of injury and deaths on farms, describing the number of events and the leading causes.

RSHA work areas

15 February 2022

RSHA committee meeting

The main topics agreed by the RSHA Committee to be tackled in 2022 are:
(1) identifying and responding to shared member needs around WHS metrics; and (2) investing in a project that builds understanding of how to influence safety behaviour around mobile plant on farm.

RSHA and Farmsafe

6 October 2021

slide from Farmsafe presentation

Farmsafe Australia has many quality resources for farmers that help raise awareness of health and safety issues in rural communities. Farmsafe is a strong advocate for farm safety and a valued partner of the RSHA. A close partnership helps the ag sector act on WHS RD&E priorities.

Overlaps in WHS risks

30 September 2020

cover of RSHA report on overlapping risks in the ag sector

RSHA commissioned a comprehensive study of serious injury and deaths in the agricultural industries. Knowing where the WHS risks overlap helped identify priority areas for collaborative investment, such as further research into risks associated with mobile plant.

Strong WHS messages

30 September 2019

cover of the WHS communication guidelines

Creating Communications Guidelines was the first joint investment made by the RSHA. The guidelines help communication professionals in RDCs and industry associations craft and deliver impactful WHS content for agricultural audiences.