Ag Safety Data Net

Research organisationAgHealth Australia
Project leadsAssoc Prof Tony Lower, Kerri-Lyn Peachey
TimelineJuly 2024 to June 2027
SizeAbout $300,000 per year

The Ag Safety Data Net will be an on-going data capacity that collects, analyses and reports meaningful metrics for farm safety on Australian farms. Better farm safety metrics and analytical capacity will enable agriculture to plan, act and track progress in WHS.

RSHA developed the original specifications for the Ag Safety Data Net following consultations with 18 stakeholders. Five RDCs have committed to jointly investing in its development, with AgHealth Australia building the data system and partnerships between 2024 and 2027. RSHA is contributing to the development through the project’s Advisory Committee and Industry Reference Group.

For more information, please contact the RSHA Secretariat